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Bauhaus-style Bamboo-Lattice Bud Vase
Bauhaus bud vase
Bauhaus bud vase
This elegant bud vase combines traditional Japanese bamboo craftsmanship with a Bauhaus sensibility.

An example of Takesensuji bamboo ware from Shizuoka Prefecture, the narrow glass vase is held between two frames of fine bamboo lattice. The lattice frames may be oriented either horizontally or vertically.

Traditional yet modern, it's a work of art even without a flower. [US$ 34]
Suzumo Chochin Lanterns
Suzumo Chochin Lanterns
Trends - Design and City
Chochin Lanterns for the 21st Century
chochin lamp

Traditionally, chochin lanterns, mostly found outside yakitori restaurants and other izakaya, have come in one design - red and black. The Suzumo brand is changing all of that with its line of paper lanterns designed by Mic Itaya.

The new lanterns come in the shape of mushrooms, beans, clouds, dumplings and even human heads. Made of Japanese washi paper and plastic, the lamps collapse flat and are lit with LEDs that glow like flickering candles.

Image: Suzumo Corporation.