Monochrome Menagerie of Paper-Art Animals
These 3D paper creatures bring a two-tone, modern sensibility to origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. They come in three series of land, sea and sky creatures, and require no scissors or glue to assemble. Just press out the pre-cut figures, fold along the dotted line, and hey presto - stylish, minimalist animals burst up out of the paper as if from a pop-up book.

The animals have been chosen for their distinctive black-and-white patterned hides - hence the inclusion of zebras, pandas, tapirs and Holstein Friesian cows in the Land animal series. Designer Edu adds some surprises to the collections too, slipping flightless birds (penguins) into the Sea series along with the usual suspects - whales, seals, orcas, manta rays, and sharks.

He also includes flying squirrels and swallowtail butterflies in the Sky series, along with the more expected swans, kingfishers and owls. This cute paper menagerie looks great on a desktop or bookshelf, and when it's closing time at the zoo, the creatures can be stored flat in a desk drawer.

Images: Kamino Kousakujo
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