Bony Figures Inspiring a New Meme in Japan - #poseskeleton
People in Japan love little figures, and the latest object of their affection is a miniature skeletal family called Pose Skeleton. The 1/18-scale plastic skeletons can be articulated at many different joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle).

They can be posed riding a bike, playing baseball, cooking fried rice in a kitchen, or even contemplating on the toilet. The osteological family includes skeletons of a regular-size human, a larger human, a child and a pet dog.

At the Tokyo Toy Fair on June 19, manufacturer Re-ment announced a new range of accessories for the bony family. The new cleaning set includes vacuum cleaner, bucket and brush; the bedtime set has a bed, mattress, pillow, bedside table and lamp; and the bathtime set has a tub, showercap, shower nozzle and bottle of Skullpoo. These, along with music room and gymnasium sets, will be available in Japan in late summer.

The figures have already inspired their own meme on Twitter. Fans are posting photos of their skeletons with the hashtag #poseskeleton. The figure's articulated jawbone makes it particularly expressive as it poses for selfies, eats ice-cream, and plays guitar.

We expect this trend to soon overtake Fuchiko, the cute office lady on the edge, who's already so 2014. In fact, one Twitter user @tikomaxttt shows her early demise, held upside down in the death-grip of a bony grim reaper.
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