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Poptastic Vinyl Vases (Set of Four)
popup vases
Just add water and a flower to turn these colorful plastic pouches into stable flower vases. Coming in four bright colors (red, yellow, blue and green) with a subtle lattice-work pattern, these vinyl vases bring a vibrant sixties pop sensibility to flower arrangement.

While they look great on a bookshelf, they look even better when backlit with sunlight on a window ledge. When not in use, simply stow flat in a drawer. [US$ 34 (for set of four)]
Mashed-Potato Snacks at Lawson
Mashed-Potato Snacks at Lawson
Trends - Combini Watch
Mashed Potatoes That Look Like a Sundae
mashed potatoes

Following the success of Potato Cream, the mashed-potato specialty shop in Tokyo's Jiyugaoka, convenience stores and supermarkets are boarding the gourmet mashed potato train with products that look closer to desserts than side dishes. Lawson's mushroom and vegetable salad has a rich, 'shroomy gravy studded with pumpkin and broccoli over a layer of whipped potato cream.

It may resemble an ice-cream sundae, but it's actually a dolled-up variant of the old British favorite, gravy and mash. Other varieties include Thai green curry and Italian tomato sauce. It'll be interesting to see how long this trend lasts.

Image: Lawson