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Retro-futuristic "Sparking Robot"
Sparking Robot
The amazing Sparking or "Sparkling" Robot has a clear panel on its torso to reveal an electric storm of sparks in its core engine when wound up. It also moves relentlessly forward with a waddling action on concealed wheels.

The clip on its head allows it to be used as a handy memo holder. The retro-futuristic design gives it timeless appeal. [US$ 15]
"Rock 'n' White" Doritos
"Rock 'n' White" Doritos
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Green Christmas tree-shaped "Rock 'n' White" Doritos

Do you enjoy Doritos, but often find yourself wishing that they came in different colors, like green, and whimsical shapes, like Christmas trees? Maybe with more of a creamy, corn-chowder type flavor? If so, then you're the target market for these new, Japan-only, corn cream stew-flavored "Rock 'n' White Doritos" - in convenience stores from November 17.

That elusive creamy stew taste comes from a white flavoring powder which resembles snow, clinging to the green branches of the fir tree-shaped chips. The limited-edition snack will be available at Japanese retail outlets through mid-February 2015.
Image: Japan Frito-Lay Ltd..