"New Gear" Robot with Visible Insides
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If you liked the original, now extremely hard-to-find Gear Robot, you'll love the improved New Gear Robot. Like its predecessor, its chest cavity is cased in clear plastic allowing you to see its inner workings, a clockwork engine of colorful spinning gears. In addition, New Gear has ears made out of gear wheels and shoulder antennae that sway when it moves.

This 12-inch collector's-edition robot is made in Japan by Metal House, based on the classic 1960s design by the Horikawa company.

New Gear Robot is metal with plastic gears and chest cavity. Battery operated. (Batteries not included)

Dimensions: 12.2 x 6.1 x 4.4 inches (310 x 156 x 113 mm)

Weight: 900g (without batteries)
PRICE: US$115, €101
Shipping: $35
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