Cute Diode-character Folding Umbrella
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This high-quality folding umbrella exudes high-tech electronic wizardry with its "transistorized" design.

It appears to be a simple black brolly decorated with colorful diodes and amps, but a closer look reveals that all the electronic components are cute, friendly characters.Even the handle has a smiley face.

Japanese customers love this item so much that some of them prefer not to take it out in the rain. (If you do take it out for a spin, it folds and fits easily into a bag or briefcase when not in use.)

From the up-and-coming Japanese design group Kuralab.

Dimensions: 9.1 inches (230mm) long when collapsed; 35.4-inch (900mm) diameter when open.
PRICE: US$29, €26
Shipping: $13
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