Minimalist Cast-Iron Bottle Opener
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This Kamasada ironwork bottle opener is the perfect gift for a craft beer aficionado.

It combines strength of purpose with a simple, elegant design, a sturdy feel and a tasteful matte-black color. The oval head gives great purchase on a bottle cap, while the width and heft of the grip make it easy to hold. The only decoration is a series of triangular windows in the grip that also reduce weight to a comfortable 100 grams (3.5 oz).

This solid utensil is manufactured in the Kamasada technique, a Meiji-era variation of the centuries-old Nambu Tekki (Southern Iron) style.

It was designed by Nobuhiro Miya, one of the foremost ironsmiths of the modern age, and combines traditional Japanese technology with a Scandinavian sensibility. Kamasada ironwork is characterized by its beautiful deep black color and long-lasting sturdiness.

Size: 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.2 inches (121 x 61 x 4mm)
Weight: 3.5oz (4oz in box)
PRICE: US$19, €17
Shipping: $5 [Note: Shipping for this item is by regular airmail, not Japan Post EMS.]
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